Roberta Black’s Coconut & Pineapple Upside Down Cake will make your taste buds do a happy dance! ???????? FULL RECIPE below! Become a Baker Spotlight like Roberta at

1 Box Pineapple Cake Mix
1 C Pineapple Juice
1/2 c Coconut(fold in at the end)
3 Large Eggs
1/3 c Oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Rum Extract

1 Stick Melted Butter
1 C Brown Sugar
Pineapple Slices
Put in one pan and top with cake mix.

Ingredients for Frosting:
8 oz Cream Cheese Softened
4 Tbsp Softened Butter
2 C Powered Sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla & 1/4 tsp Rum Extract
Toasted Coconut For Garnish

Bake cake At 350 in two 9 in pans until done.