Clementine Kirkpatrick’s Banana Pudding with Whipped Cream Topping looks like a bowl of whipped goodness!  Post a photo of your desserts to become a Baker Spotlight like Clementine!

6-8 bananas
Box of banana or vanilla instant pudding 
Box of vanilla wafers
Whipped Cream – about three cups Make your own with heavy whipping cream (small box of heavy whipping cream, add a little sugar and beat until it peaks) or you can use the store bought one.

Prepare pudding according to package directions. Fold in one cup of whipped cream and stir. Spread a thin layer of pudding on bottom of casserole, layer vanilla wafers on top of pudding, layer thinly sliced bananas on top of wafers followed by more pudding. Continue layering each ingredient until all of the wafers, bananas and pudding are gone ending with the pudding. Add remaining whipped cream on top and refrigerate for one to two hours.