You better tell somebody . . . this Flan is 🔥! My #BakerSpotlight Roberta Black never disappoints! FULL RECIPE 👇🏾

Ingredients / Directions for Caramel Topping:
1 Cup Sugar
2 TBSP Water

Cook Sugar And Water Over Medium To Low Heat Until Melted Golden Caramel Color About 10-15 Minutes. Pour Caramel Into Ungreased Bundt Pan Tilt To Coat The Bottom & Sides Of Pan. Let Stand While You Make The Custard Mixture.

Ingredients / Directions for Custard Mixture:
1 Can Evaporated Milk
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
4 Eggs
1 TSP Vanilla

Blend Until Well Combined. Pour Into Caramel Coated Pan. Place Pan Into A Roasting Pan With Hot Water To Make A Water Bath Halfway Up The Bundt Pan. Bake @ 325 For 45-55 Minutes. Remove From Oven Allow To Cool. Put In Fridge 3 Hours Or Over Night. Flip Onto A Plate Quickly To Release The Flan & Enjoy!