This Coconut Pineapple Cake by my #BakerSpotlight Debra Glover will have you ready for summer! 😎🥥🍍 Enjoy her FULL RECIPE below!

2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups sugar
3 sticks unsalted butter rm temp
4 eggs rm temp
1 Tbsp coconut flavor
1/4 cup evaporated milk

• Sift flour, baking soda and salt 3 times and set aside.
• Blend sugar and butter until light and fluffy, add egg one at a time until mixture is creamy.
• Add coconut flavor to mixture and blend for 1min.
• Add flour mixture one cup at a time and alternate with milk blend well until mixture is combined and creamy.
• Preheat oven 340°.
• Grease and lightly dust with flour two 9″ cake pans.
• Pour batter into pans and bake for 30mins or until cake stick comes out clean.
• Cool for 15min.

Ingredients for Coconut Pineapple/Frosting:
1 14oz bag of Baker’s Coconut
4 tsp unsalted butter rm temp
1 stick unsalted butter rm temp
1Tbsp coconut flavor
2 cans sliced pineapples
2 8oz tubs of extra creamy cool whip refrigerated
1 8oz cream cheese rm temp
2 cups powdered sugar

Directions for Coconut Pineapple/Frosting:
• In a sauce pan melt 4 tsp of unsalted butter and 1/2 cup of coconut toast until lightl golden brown set aside.
• Drain juice from pineapples set aside.
• Cream 1stick unsalted butter and cream cheese until creamy. Add powdered sugar and coconut flavor blend well.
• Add cool whip one tub at a time and blend well refrigerate 5mins.
• Spread frosting on 1st cake layer sprinkle regular coconut on top then layer with 6 pineapples press into frosting.
• Place 2nd cake layer spread frosting thick on top and sides of both layers pad with regular coconut all around until covered.
• Sprinkle toasted coconut on top layer, place 6 pineapple press down into cake; cherries are optional.